De Anza Chapter, NSDAR

Encinitas, California

Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members and the state in which they served. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of American independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

David Appleman New Jersey
John Aumiller Pennsylvania
Philip Conrad Aumiller Pennsylvania
Moses Ayer Massachusetts
Jonathan Bagley Massachusetts
Thomas Bailey Rhode Island
Elijah Baldwin Connecticut
Jotham Barron Massachusetts
Luther Bartholomew Connecticut
Edmund Beach, Sr. Connecticut
Wait Beach Connecticut
Isham Beasley North Carolina
Benjamin Bement Connecticut
George Benefield Pennsylvania
Thomas Benham Connecticut
William Bentley New York
Zebulon Benton Connecticut
John Berry Virginia
Robert Biggs Pennsylvania
Philemon Blake New Hampshire
Catherina Blickensderfer Pennsylvania
Christian Blickensderfer Pennsylvania
Samuel Boggess Maryland
Richard  Borden Massachusetts
Stephen Borden Massachusetts
Thomas Borden Massachusetts
Absalom Bostwick Virginia
John Brown Connecticut
Adam Brubeck Virginia
John Brubeck Virginia
Solomon Bryant Massachusetts
Coonrod Bunn New Jersey
Henry Burger Pennsylvania
Leonard Bush Virginia
Christian Cackler Pennsylvania
James Calk South Carolina
Francis Callaway North Carolina
George Feit Capp Pennsylvania
Martin Capp Pennsylvania
Joseph Carr Virginia
Augustine Carter Virginia
Merryman Carter Virginia
Timothy Case Connecticut
Jonathan Cass New Hampshire
Patrick Cassidy Pennsylvania
Joseph Charles Pennsylvania
John Chastain Virginia
Samuel Childs Massachusetts
James Clendenin Pennsylvania
John Cleveland North Carolina
George Lewis Coffinberry Virginia
Ebenezer Coleman Connecticut
Ebenezer Collins Massachusetts
John Collins Pennsylvania
Jeremiah Converse Massachusetts
Pain Converse, Sr. Connecticut
Pain Converse, Jr. Connecticut
William Copeland Massachusetts
Thomas Craighead Pennsylvania
John Crockett North Carolina
Robert Cross New Jersey
William Cross Massachusetts
Samuel Culbertson Pennsylvania
Eleazer Curtis Connecticut
Aaron Davis Massachusetts
Daniel Davis Virginia
Zebulon Davis Massachusetts
Jared De Mint Pennsylvania
John Denny Pennsylvania
George Dixon Pennsylvania
Thomas Douglas Virginia
John Douthet, Sr. North Carolina
Claude Duhon Louisiana
Thomas Durant Massachusetts
David Dutcher New York
Jeremiah Eaton Massachusetts
Peter Edmands Pennsylvania
Moses Endicott North Carolina
George Espy Pennsylvania
Richard Farwell New Hampshire
Matthew French Virginia
Edward Garrett South Carolina
James Garrison Virginia
Mathias Gift Pennsylvania
Andrew Glidden New Hampshire
Henry Goodman Pennsylvania
Ashbel Goodrich Massachusetts
James Goodrich Massachusetts
Philip Goss, Sr. New Hampshire
Nathaniel Gove Massachusetts
William Gray Pennsylvania
Jehiel Gregory New York
Ebenezer Grover Connecticut
John Guthrie Pennsylvania
Peter Hallock New York
Joseph Hancock New Hampshire
Zebedee Hancock North Carolina
Abraham Harding, Jr. Connecticut
Abraham Harding, Sr. New York
Joseph Harding North Carolina
Arnold Hardy Maryland
John Hart New Jersey
Timothy Hart Connecticut
Isaac Hathaway Massachusetts
John H. Hawkins New Hampshire
Ezekiel Haynie Maryland
Jacob Heiney Pennsylvania
James Hemphill North Carolina
Thomas Hemphill North Carolina
Ebenezer Herrick Massachusetts
Samuel Herrick, Sr. Massachusetts
Johann Conrad Hess Pennsylvania
James Hickman Virginia
Benoni Hills Connecticut
Philip Hinkle Pennsylvania
Jeremiah Hixon Massachusetts
Moses Hobson Massachusetts
Thomas Holden Rhode Island
Josiah Hollister Massachusetts
Lazarus Hollister Massachusetts
Francis Hopkins Pennsylvania
James Houghton Vermont
Josiah Houghton Massachusetts
Hans Bernard Hower Pennsylvania
David Hughes Virginia
Samuel Jones New York
Luther Kallam Connecticut
John Keeler New York
Cornelius Keith South Carolina
Nathaniel Kennard, Jr. Maryland
Nathaniel Kennard, Sr. Maryland
David Kerr Maryland
Jacob Kinch Pennsylvania
Charles King North Carolina
John King Georgia
John Kornman Pennsylvania
Christian Kuntz Pennsylvania
Joseph Lackland Virginia
Samuel Ladd Connecticut
John Lang New Hampshire
Jacob Larzelere New Jersey
Martin Lawrence Massachusetts
Augustine Leftwich, Sr. Virginia
James Lemon Virginia
Eleazer Lewis Rhode Island
Robert Lewis North Carolina
Abraham Livingston New York
Jacob Lockhart Virginia
Christopher Long Virginia
Jonathan Lovell Massachusetts
Thomas Mackey North Carolina
John Maclay, Sr. Pennsylvania
Abner Mallory Connecticut
Thomas Malone Maryland
Michael Mandeville New York
John Mangam South Carolina
Matthew Markland North Carolina
Eleazer Mather, Sr Connecticut
William Mavity Virginia
Joseph May North Carolina
David Mcconaughey Pennsylvania
James Mccubbin North Carolina
Timothy Meeker, Sr. New Jersey
John Adam Menges Pennsylvania
Mathias Mickey Pennsylvania
Benjamin Millspaugh New York
Micajah Moorman Virginia
David Morgan Virginia
Jeduthan Morse Massachusetts
Joel Moulton Massachusetts
Joseph Moutray Virginia
Samuel Newberry New Hampshire
John Haymond Nichols Maryland
Benjamin Norris Connecticut
John Norris, Jr. Connecticut
John Norris, Sr. Connecticut
Thomas North Massachusetts
Simon Noyes Massachusetts
Samuel Nute New Hampshire
Joseph Ogle Virginia
Ezekiel Olmstead Connecticut
Adrian Onderdonk New York
Edward Pedigo Virginia
Curtis Pendleton Virginia
Jonathan Perkins New Hampshire
Edmond Pettengill Massachusetts
John Pettijohn Virginia
William Pettijohn, Sr. Virginia
Francis Moore Petty Virginia
Adam Plumb Pennsylvania
John Pontius, Sr. Pennsylvania
Peter Pontius Pennsylvania
Phineas Pratt Connecticut
William Pratt Virginia
Benjamin Preston New York
John Queen, Sr. Virginia
Ezekiel Rambo Pennsylvania
Aquilla Randall Maryland
Peter Reasoner Pennsylvania
Whitaker Redd North Carolina
John Reed Pennsylvania
Travis Reese North Carolina
Amos Richardson South Carolina
Stephen Robinson Virginia
Philip Robbins Massachusetts
Lemuel Rucker Virginia
Benjamin Ruggles Connecticut
Barbara Barbary Rupp Pennsylvania
Nicholas Rupp Virginia
Elisha Sabin Massachusetts
Euclidus Scarborough Maryland
John Scarborough Maryland
John Thomas Schley Maryland
Malaechia Seeger New York
John Servier North Carolina
John Shannon Pennsylvania
Frederick Shearer North Carolina
Jonathan Shepard Maryland
Amos Sherwood Connecticut
Caleb Smart, Sr. New Hampshire
Abijah Smith New York
Levi Smith Massachusetts
Samuel Smith South Carolina
Jonas Spangler Pennsylvania
Jacob Specht Pennsylvania
Elkanah Sprague, Sr. Vermont
Jonathan Squire Massachusetts
Samuel Stanton, Sr. Connecticut
Isaac Staples Massachusetts
Robert Steele Virginia
Reuben C. Stone South Carolina
Daniel Story Vermont
John Story New Jersey
John Stout Pennsylvania
Isaiah Strawn Pennsylvania
Jacob Strawn, Sr. Pennsylvania
Jacob Strickland, Jr. North Carolina
William Swan Massachusetts
Abraham Swisher New Jersey
William Wilkens Taylor North Carolina
Evan Thomas Virginia
William Thomas Virginia
Thomas Tilton Delaware
Abel Tinkham Massachusetts
Francis Titus, Jr. Pennsylvania
Francis Titus, Sr. Pennsylvania
Samuel Upson Connecticut
Richard Walden, Sr. Virginia
Henry Ward Virginia
John Ward Virginia
Samuel Warner Massachusetts
Stephen Webster, Sr. Massachusetts
Holland Weeks Connecticut
John Welch, Jr. Maryland
William Welch South Carolina
Josiah Wentworth New Hampshire
Richard Wentworth New Hampshire
John Adam Wertz Pennsylvania
Micah Wethern Massachusetts
Andrew Wetzel New Jersey
Charles Wharton Pennsylvania
Silas Wheelock Massachusetts
Simon Whipple Rhode Island
Daniel White Connecticut
John Whiteside North Carolina
Luke Whitfield South Carolina
Joseph Wilbur Rhode Island
Robert Wilcox Rhode Island
Abijah  Wilkins New Hampshire
Joshua Wilkins New Hampshire
John Williams Maryland
Vincent Williams Virginia
Elisha Witt Virginia
Valentine Wood Virginia
John Ziegler Virginia

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